Thursday, September 25, 2008

Girl Crush

I am completely secure in myself enough to say I have some major girl crushes on some ladies. My loyalties change. But today at this moment these are them.

Christina Hendricks
Kristen Bell
Rachel McAdams
Zooey Deschanel

All for different reason.
Christina is a well GORGEOUS on top of that she has a REAL body and buy real body I mean its got curves its not a twig. And she sashays.
Zooey on top of being a fantastic actress, SHE CAN SING. Also I love quirky girls who don't take themselves too seriously and have bangs.
Kristen well have you ever seen Veronica Mars? She is smart, she is adorable, she can kick your ass and she carries a stun gun.
Rachel two words. Mean Girls.

There are many others. But these are the top 4 today. There are even ones whom I personally like more as like an actress but these gals are hotter. :P

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