Thursday, September 11, 2008

faux intellectual.

I am not an intellectual. 
I don't read the newspaper. I don't watch the news. I don't even care if I am missing something. 
I don't do crossword puzzles because I never know the answers. I don't talk politics because I don't understand most of it. 
I don't drink tea and I don't listen to public radio.
I did try listening to NPR once. I thought hey lots of my friends like it maybe I should listen so we can talk "smart stuff" after 15 minutes when I was falling asleep in my chair I decided that too was not for me.
I don't read the classics, I prefer a novel about a dumb cha girl and her uberfun NYC life. 
And I certainly did not watch the olympics. I had to google who this Michael Phelps dude was. 

I prefer to get my news from and gossip mags.
I'd rather watch Best Week Ever for a summary of this weeks current events.
I'd rather watch gossip girl and talk team Blair or Serena then Obama or McCain.
I would rather watch Eddie Izzard do stand up in drag then watch the Debates. 
And don't even get me started on organized sports.

That said I am not an idiot. I can kick your ass at trivial pursuit and don't even try and play me at Cranium. I got a 4.0 my last 2 years of college and was on the Dean's and President's list and graduated summa cum laude from what I later learned was actually one of the harder universities to get into. (Hell I thought they accepted me it must of been a cake school.) 

So the point of all this?? Well today I discovered "This American Life" and have been listening for hours. I discovered it when I googled David Sedaris whom I find utterly hilarious and gobble up his books the moment they hit the shelves. 

But I really liked the show and it makes me feel for that hour that I am one of those smaht kids.


kendra said...

I'm pretty addicted to This American Life. When I started reading this post and you mentioned not listening to NPR, I thought "you just need to listen to TAL!" ... speaking of which, I recommend Radio Lab as well, it's freaking fantastic! It's science for those of us that get bored by science.

Leah said...

Yeah! Welcome to the I Heart Ira fan club!