Thursday, September 04, 2008


William S Burroughs is one of the most fascinating men that ever lived to me. His life is well like a novel. I just read this quote from him and it reminded me how much I adored that odd, well dressed little man.

"I don't care if people hate my guts; I assume most of them do. The important question is whether they are in a position to do anything about it." 
— William Burroughs


Heather said...

I saw an interview with Augusten B. one of his sons who recently wrote a book. Look up THE HOUR and see if you can find it. The Hour is a great Canadian show on CBC. You would love it.

hillary said...

There is actually no relation between Augusten and William. They just have a common name. I have actually read all the books both have written. :)

Heather said...

really??? I got the definite impression William was his father. I definitely trust your knowledge though and perhaps I came in too late in the interview. I still think you would love that show.

hillary said...

Well he IS a smartass and is asked that CONSTANTLY. His birth name is Christopher Robinson actually. His dad was named john and he was an asshole, he was actually a professor here at university of mass. Thats what his new book is actually about all about his dad.

On that. You should read him he is a great writer who had a fucked up life. The movie did it no justice. (running with scissors)