Friday, August 29, 2008

What I want to see on men this fall.

Time for my fall picks for men. I LOVE a vest on a man. My husband wore one to our wedding with a charcoal pinstripe suit and it was just the cat's pajamas. Vests in the past have been hard to come buy but this fall they are going to be everywhere!

Sweater vest. Sweater vests serve two purposes. They add warmth without bulk and they always make you look pulled together in that I am not trying too hard way. Both look fantastic paired with dark dark slim fit jeans. (not skinny but more fitted)

Lightweight hoodies in neutral color. Paired with same jeans and a blazer this is a great date look. Also look great paired under a striped rugby shirt in orange my fall color pick for men.

Full zip sweaters with fun details, be it arm stripes, full stripes or argyle these too look great with a blazer and jeans or just on their own. My husband has about 6 of these and thats all he wears all winter. They are much easier to layer too since they are zippered.

Pea coat in a dark color. EVERYONE looks good in a pea coat. I mean it everyone. Its classic, and makes you look with it. I think they will never go out of style in my mind.

For hats the fidel type hat is a great shape for those men who aren't into baseball hats but would like the protection a hat provides (see balding or warmth)

Every man should have a brushed silver buckle reversible belt. Since its black or brown it will go with every thing you own and with every occasion. Brushed silver is nice cause it can be dressed down casual and looks equally as fantastic with a suit.

On the feet. Chucks. simple, fun and always a classic. I want to see more colored ones men's feet say navy, green or for the daring red.
OOH red ones with a vest, dress shirt with sleeves rolled up and a dark pair of jeans?!! Utter perfection.
Man boots. Man boots are fun because they slip on and look like your wearing shoes but are really boots. They also go with a suit or jeans. My husband has a pair and I had to talk him into even trying them on he was pretty anti-boot but they are pretty much the only thing he wore all winter.

So there you have my men's picks for fall!

Oh the outfit on the bottom left is just a very great event outfit. Say dinner with the woman, after work social event. Paired with jeans perfect date look.


Dave said...

That's a very smart and well composed post. I will have to show it to my stylist.

rabespierre said...

nice choices! i'm totally with you on the boots thing too --for women too i like work-y type boots under pants, especially dress pants. anyway, great picks!
xx hilary

CoutureCarrie said...

Inspiring post! I should do one of these . . . I am always so focused on looks for gals that I am forgetting half the population!
Dark jeans - perfect!

Pjamms said...

I love those selections. I need a pair of Man Boots ASAP!!!