Friday, August 22, 2008

What I want for fall

Campus Frye boots. I have lusted after these for 7 winters now.
Boyfriend cardigans in every dull color.
Lincoln Park OPI polish this will be my 4th bottle.
Red Clark heels these with men's detailing in particular.
Tights in particular in Navy, Pink, Orange and Fushia.
Neck tube scarf thingy. I may have to knit one up. This one is SPENDY!!!
Wraps in Orange, Red and Brown. Preferably the $ 5 ones from the cart in the street dwn twn xing
AA dress in Purple. I wore my black one almost every saturday this winter. It was cozy and warm
AA skirt in Navy. My black one is in heavy rotation in my wardrobe.


rabespierre said...

hey flickr friend!

i love your fall picks. the frye campus boots rule. plus super tights colors. i want to go shopping!

glad i found your bloggy --i've got you bookmarked now!
xx hilary (aka hermsprong aka rabespierre on my sis's and my food blog)

Kasmira said...

I too covet the Frye boots - Style Bakery has some recos on cheaper alternatives:

hillary said...

ooh thanks! :)