Monday, August 11, 2008

Oldy pics

I stole this from my mom's new facebook account (I know weird right?) ganked from mums blogI actually finally got over facebook. For awhile I was addicted to it but now I barely ever go on there unless I get an email that someone wrote on my wall or something. OOOH the little patches and crap was getting on my nerves is part of it. I would log in and I would have like 43 requests from friends to do something stupid. I really don't need more things to waste time on! I have a hard time doing all my distractive not useful activities as it is!

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Katie said...

haha, I totally always ignored those requests. The first, oh, five that I would ignore from a friend, they'd get miffed and then I'd explain that it's not them, it's the spinny/growy/impersonal things. I pay attention to my feed of what everyone else has done and what their stati are.