Monday, August 11, 2008

Monday I don't care about you

The weekend felt shorter than usual. We went grocery shopping and to Target on Saturday in the motorboat that is our car. Any day now... Sunday we saw Batman, got caught in a horrific downpour while we were out (mind you it was bright and sunny when we left) My hair came out good. You never quite know what you are going to get. I went one shade off my usual and its much more red this time. I think I like it better. I need to train my hair so I don't have to wash it daily as of right now I HAVE to wash daily or I might be mistaken for a homeless person. I wish I was kidding. I use lots of "color safe" stuff but I think its a combo of the daily washing and not quite finding the right color safe products for my particular color and hair.

My 2 year Remixaversary is coming up. I plan to do something fun for it.
I kind of want to do a poll to see what people's favorite outfits were. I am such a bad judge of that. My mom always said how its the people who don't comment that really like things. So by her logic.... heeeeee She used to say that about the girls at school. That the ones who said things probably didn't mean them and the ones who didn't were the ones who really liked me.

These are the products I use now. I switch it up between them. Because as I said I have to wash it daily and its so thick it likes a little change now in then or it gets heavy and not so cute. Any other color safe suggestions?? Ones you know work great for red dyed hair.

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