Thursday, August 28, 2008

I have feelings and they do get hurt and i can hold a grudge.

I am a grown adult. Hell I am almost 30 and I don't like being picked on or corrected. Correct me if I am in a life threatening situation... ok. Correct me if you are my boss and its a work thing. Correct me if I ask for it.
If you are my friend there is a big difference in advice vs. correcting. You can offer advice but to just say "you did this wrong" well to me is just wrong.

Think about it for a minute, I may
1. Already know and well frankly don't care or agree.
2. May have a learning disability and can't control some things.
3. Am not too particular in my online and blog netiquette and grammar.
4. Just don't give a shit.

What does correcting me do? Make you feel better? What does it gain, feel smart cause you know something I don't? Cause honestly the only thing it does for me is make me feel like shit and then resent you.

That said, there are polite ways to offer advice and there is a thing called tact and some people apparently just don't have it.


Anonymous said...

Oh Hillary, you shouldn't have to deal with people like this. Seriously, whoever needs to get a life and stop nit-picking on grammar and such.
I use to work with a lady that would print off every email that was sent to her and she would gramatically correct (using all those little symbols) the text with a red pencil. For what reason? Who knows - when she was fired I found stacks of emails she had done this to. Some people are just creepy . . .

Hey Hey Helen said...

I totally agree! What do those people want? “Oh thank you! If it weren’t for you, my post would say “teh” instead of “the” and NO ONE would be able to make sense of it! Oh noes!”

OH MY GOSH and I can’t stand it when people tell me I say certain words funny. Uh, did you know what word it was supposed to be? Yes? THENSHUTTHEHECKUP.

hillary said...

helen. OH I KNOW!!! I am so glad someone else is on same page. If you KNEW what I meant enough to correct me then shutthefuckup! :)

Leah said...

ITA, Hillary, and I'm an English teacher! I didn't get into this profession to make people feel small and miserable. I was at a writing workshop this summer with fellow English teachers. Now, I was raised in a working-class home, and I am a member of Gen X, so I'm pretty casual with my speech, especially in informal settings, which this workshop was. One of my teacher friends corrected my "Oh, yeah!" by saying, "Listen to that good English! Oh, yes!" I thought of a good comeback 5 mins. later, which is SOOO me!