Friday, August 08, 2008

home again

We are home and back at work. :( The vacation was wonderful but much too short. I would go back to California again. LA was really neat city but I was shocked at how alarmingly dirty it was. It was filled with smog that you could see and graffiti on everything even trees. The roads were not maintained at all and riding on the highway was like an amusement park ride it was so bumpy and threw you around. I didn't realize how nice Boston really is. Its more quaint. Its a very very big tourist place and because we rely so much on tourist money we must be better at maintaining and cleaning it. I am not saying Boston is a saint of a city but compared to LA it is downright clean!
We went up to NH and got our kitty back last night. She was very happy to see us and true to form did not get sick on the way home. She never has. Its only the trip up she gets sick on. She didn't even scream and fuss in the car on the way home. She just layed down and took a nap. We rented a Mazda 3 last night for the 4 hour drive. Not too bad. We used to own Mazda's my mom and father both have had them and they were alright cars but nothing to write home about. I liked this one though. It was peppy as hell and made a nice little ride. I am still in love with the Mini Cooper the most though.

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