Saturday, August 30, 2008


I grew up in an unconventional household. I am an only child and had to entertain myself most days. I read A LOT. I would swim as we had a pool and there were copious amounts of tv watching. That was fine with me until a holiday would come and some idiot would give me a board game. Hello only child. WHO IN THE HELL is gonna play it with me? So I held onto them for years thinking eventually someone would. I eventually threw most of them away in highschool.

My husband grew up in a totally different type of household. He had a sister and when he was very young his mom owned and ran a nursery school. His family had games coming out of their wazoo and the tended to anthropomorphize everything. When I met him I didn't quite get it at first but I knew I liked it. My mother in law bought me an easy bake oven for my 21st birthday. I still think it rates as one of my favorite presents ever. I mean yes I have an oven but their is nothing like making a too small cake over a lightbulb to put a skip in your step.

Over the years I have really adopted many of the ways of my husband and his family. The super goofy don't take things seriously everyday and somedays act like your 5. So this weekend my husband and I decided it was Fort weekend. He starts school on Tuesday so he will be pretty MIA for the next 9 months til he is done again in May. So last night we sat in the fort drinking Pina Coladas watching netflix and playing with our iphones. He lit a candle and called it a campfire and put a small lamp on the floor to be our "lantern"

Somedays you just have to let your innerchild take control.


Heather said...

You guys are such a great couple. I love the new look of the blog!! Excellent job by the hubby on this one!!

Heather said...
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Heather said...

opps. sorry.

E said...

Um, I am SO making John do this with me next time he stays over night.

You guys are quite the couple to look up to!


Kelly said...

I'm jealous! I have told my boyfriend oh, about 2357356 times that we need to make a fort. He laughs and says OK, until we get home and I start doing it and he realizes that I'm serious.

Even getting him good and liquored up doesn't seem to help my cause.

hillary said...

We try not to take everything so serious. Also we don't really go out to eat or EVER to a bar or club instead we make something goofy for dinner and picnic in living room or something. This night it was fried chicken and french fries and we ate them in diner baskets.