Monday, July 28, 2008

The week ahead

I tried a few weeks ago laying out all my outfits for the week in advance. It worked for many reasons. I was not running around in the morning trying to find things that went together. I also had time to try everything on and see how well it worked together. I also could make sure things I wanted to wear that week were actually clean. I also noticed I picked out clothes I don't wear that often. Probably cause I never knew what to pair them with and that extra 20 minutes on Sunday really helped cull it all out.
So here is a little peek into  what I am wearing this week
sneak peek of this weeks wardrobe
Since we are leaving on vacation on Friday. I made sure that I wasn't wearing anything I want to take on the trip, in case laundry isn't done in time.

Now if I could get dave to do this is would save him so much effort. The very first week I did it, I laid out outfits for him for the entire week. He didn't wear a single thing I laid out. He said "but I don't wear some of that stuff" I told him I KNOW that was the point he has all these great clothes he looks fantastic in but he doesn't wear them. Later that week he was complaining he didn't have a style. I just threw my hands up at that point. I mean I can lay it out but his damn freewill keeps getting in the way. reh!

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