Sunday, July 27, 2008

Stormy Sunday

Dave and I got caught in the rain coming home tonight, as if the humidity wasn't gross enough.
Today was one of those days I should of just stayed in bed. I was up sometime past 3:30am this morning staring that the ceiling wishing I could just sleep. When I finally did get up sometime past new today. I was not refreshed it was just a bad night. Dave and I went out to try and catch Batman only to find out once we got there it was sold out. We had booked it there too walking thinking we would be faster than the T. Had a headache and just the general blahs all day. We stopped at a beadstore and I got myself enough stuff to make myself one pair. Thats another thing I am trying to be good about. Buying craft stuff in bulk. We are working our asses off trying to stay in a budget and I have excess this or that, things like fabric I thought I would make into a dress. I have come to terms finally with I just can't sew! So enough for one project that is my goal from here on out. Jewelry making is fun but it cost money and I don't want to be sitting on tons of money worth of stuff anymore. I have made a good job of culling down on my collection. Lets keep it that way.
earrings I just made myself.
That said I will work on commission. Money upfront of course.

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