Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Mad Men

I have always thought I was born at the wrong time period. I have never fit in, never liked what was popular, nor did the current fashions look good on me. I am not sure when I "should" of been born, but I do know I would of like to of been a 20 something in the late 1950's and 1960's. I adore the fashions and feel uberspecial in them. But whats old is new again and the authentic dresses are going to a ton now cause they are "vintage" and vintage is new and hip. I don't thrift much and my reason are too complicated to get into. But lets just say I would love to find some old dresses with a crinoline. I checked ebay and no joke some are going for over 100 bucks! I know they weren't just a year ago and that in my mind at least is due to the popularity of Mad Men. Oh lordy do I love that show. It can be stiff and awkward at times and that is because it is so authentic. They don't feel the need to have fluffy filler dialog and they keep it real with the times and people are smoking and drinking even when pregnant. Season 2 just started this week and Sunday nights you will find me glued to my couch at 10pm EST.
I want to look like I stepped out of this photo.

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Hey Hey Helen said...

I love this stuff too. My mom was my age in the '70's. She told me that back then the girls thought that the '50's fashions were just barf-worthy. It just goes to show you that fashion is cyclical. But this also makes me disturbed - are our daughters going to idolize '80's fashions? Yes.

Just one more thing - I love the fashions but I am a staunch feminist and it burns me up the way women were treated. So I couldn't say I wish I were born in that era.