Saturday, July 26, 2008

Long time no blog.

I really liked blogging and I thought I was doing it "for me" but to be honest when I thought no one was looking it wasn't fun to me anymore.
Thats said I think I want to try it again.

So I spent my evening making cards for people. Well they are more like one sided name cards. I kind of envisioned them being something you would put on your desk. I made myself one to put on the plaque at the end of my cube. (you know incase one of my 10 coworkers forgets my name. Well actually my boss does often but thats a whole other story)mother in law with a note for watching her grandcat this weekend!for the end of my cube. The letters are 3dgram and pop! her paper is ferns! :)

We leave for LA in 5 days. I think I am still in shock of the whole thing cause I can't really believe it. We did it all very fast and impulsively but that is kind of how we work. We planned our wedding in 2 months to the day. Dave decided to move to Florida on a Tuesday and was there on a Friday. When we moved to Boston we knew nothing about the city nor even had jobs. But we did it on our own with no help. We kind of decide to do something... then do it. I am not a patient person by nature I think it part of it.

Well for my first post back that felt good.
xoxo *h

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