Friday, February 01, 2008

Small favor.

Hello all,
I hate to mass post but I was wondering if you all could do me and Dave a small favor.
Martha Stewart is having a contest for the next "Big Idea" that she is going to do. It's a internet voting contest where members of her staff presented ideas and they are asking the public to vote on it.
One of the ideas is a Celiac and allergy based magazine!!!!
This is HUGH! This is exactly what we need is this kind of exposure. Martha has a hugh following and if she does this is might be the push we need to get Celiac in the mainstream media.
That could mean more restaurants willing to accommodate,
more food options out there and possibly lower those insane GF prices!!!

So if you would like to help please follow this link and vote. You don't have to register or anything it literally only clicking a box.

Thanks in advance and much love to all!
Hillary and Dave
Ok I will get off my little soap box now! But you all know how much this means to us.

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