Friday, February 08, 2008

Oh to be a boy 2.7.08

Oh to be a boy 2.7.08
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This is all better suited for a blog post probably but what can I say I like an audience sometimes. (only child syndrome)

Sometimes I wish I were a boy. Beyond the obvious reasons of standing to pee, its the effortless style of some boys that has me smitten. That "I just threw this on and its just so wrinkled and I look fabulous and I don't give a shit" look. You know like Robert Downey, or Givoanni Ribisi in this shirt in particular (notice the embroidery? FANTASTIC)
I am not a tom boy in fact I am the extreme opposite. Pink, ruffles and lipgloss all the way. There are many fabulous women style icons I admire. But the ones that I have always really been attracted to was men. As long as I can remember I have tried to emulate men whose style I loved. That's how I got my first bob, a rocker with chin length bob that was all tousled I had to have it. My first pair of chucks when I was 12 was because there was this boy who had them at school. I try to live vicariously thru my husband and he is pretty good about letting me... sometimes that damn freewill gets in the way but for the most part he rolls with it. I almost exclusively buy him men's shirts with pearl snap in a sophisticated cowboy fashion, thick chunky watches, T-shirts that are icon but oh so fabulous.

Ok I honestly could go on about this topic all day, I have so much to say on the topic. I will leave it with one thing.... My personal quote. Back in high-school I used to say "I am a cowboy and you're a pansy!" It was my yearbook quote. For some unknown reason it still hold true for me. Of course a man said it, if you know who said it WITHOUT looking it up I will forever think of you as "the cool kid".
It strictly on the honor system if you look it up and lie you have to live with that you are the cool kid for all the wrong reasons. :D

Purple dress shirt with french cuffs H&M
Vest H& M
New tuxedo pants (don't you love the ribbon on the side? The inside has so many killer details I need to take a pic of it. They put a lot of care in the finishing)
Chucks Macys?? Who knows I have had 15 plus pairs over the years...( I always have two pairs a used pair and a "dress" pair where they are still stark white on the toes)
Ribbon ganked from the craft center
Glasses Chanel (got them yesterday!)
Earrings H&M
Bracelet Tiffanys

Mostly I wish I could pose like a boy. I attempted the Jordan Catalano back in Dec...

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