Friday, February 15, 2008

I have the flu :( 2/12/08

I have the flu :( 2/12/08
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I am not good at the whole sick kid thing. I get antsy.
I had pneumonia 5 times before I was 5 you think it would be old hat now.

So after I showered this afternoon I thought I would get dressed instead of putting more pajamas on, I like the results. Maybe I should sick dress more often!

Husbands new gorgeous Banana Republic shirt with pearl snaps, he hasn't even worn yet! I love putting on his things and them being big makes me feel little and its nice, I just pull it and tuck it all in the back so its more fitted. :)
Black tank with beading you can't see here Target
Pencil skirt Esprit from a going out of business sale it was $1
Green maryjane heels Charlotte Russe
Green beaded necklace Gift from mom
Belt Target
Glasses Chanel
Messy hair I couldn't even comb all my own!

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