Friday, February 08, 2008

I gots my hair did. 2.6.08

I gots my hair did. 2.6.08
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Had a strange day yesterday. But the cosmos were aligned so it was all how it should be.
Mister Matilda's grandfather passed away, but not until the very moment my MIL and FIL got there from flying down.
I got a hair cut. I usually spend an insane amount of money and ALWAYS hate it. Yesterday I spent $14 at supercuts and love it. so it goes.
I finally got my paws on a Vote Hillary sign. :D for sheer vanity reasons I assure you!

I am like an H&M ad and I didn't even realize it. :D
Cocktail dress I HAVE to get an outside shot its FANTASTIC! It had a swoopy collar and a cinched waist with little pleats and a belt and a pencil skirt and princess sleeves and POCKETS!!! Come spring I am sooo gonna take an outside pic and show it off! :D H&M
Sparkle sweater (sillily forgot to photo) H&M
Hot pink Tights gift from mom I think from Target
Black lace tights gift from mom I think Goody's?
White earrings H&M
Pearl bracelts H&M
dans.ko mary janes Walking company.
I have all new makeup on today too. Its the "London" palette from Mark

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