Friday, February 08, 2008

hrm 2.8.08

hrm 2.8.08
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Thats what I think it looks like I am saying hrmmm
Shirt Dress H&M (came with a different belt its grey and white stripes hard to see in this it all muddles)
Red belt On the street in NYC
Pink tank Old Navy
New jeans I hemmed last night they were like 2 inches too long and they were petite I am not that short! (ordered with pants from yesterday)
Mary Janes Earth shoes (after photo I made a last minute substitution due to pain see below for photo for shoes I am now wearing.)
Earrings High Gear
Necklace H&M
New glassys Chanel
Rings (ones other than wedding) Paloma Picasso and Frank Gehry

So I want to do something that I hope catches on...
5 things you don't know about me
1. I was a drama kid in school
2. I have over 80 cousins actual number unknown
3. I produced a DVD about Celiac Disease this summer
4. I was in a bad car accident in highschool and went into a windshield
5. I am DYING to find someone who will go to trapeze school with me. Husband said no way jose.

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