Friday, February 01, 2008


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TGIF man. woo!
Denim dress H&M (it has pockets)
Green turtleneck Target
Black Leggings Newport News
Boots Clarks
Scarf gift from husband. I did a bow yesterday and loved it I did it again. I so have to give credit to Softspoken for the idea. :D

I have lots of comments on my hair so I thought I would share how I do it.
Step 1 take shower hour or two before bed use Formula 133 from Keihls as last step in shower. (any leave in should work)
Step 2 Put a small glob of biosilk in sopping wet hair. (any serum should work.)
Step 3 Dry a little with towel but don't brush it leave it messy. If you have bangs comb them or they will be sticking straight up in morning. (letting it dry with out combing gives it a better texture to curl in morning.)
Step 4 Get a good nights sleep
Step 5 Sleep in extra 20 minutes as you don't have to blowdry your hair!
Step 6 Heat your curling iron and put up most hair on top of head with leaving just bottom layer out.
Step 7 put curls in randomly starting at bottom layer pulling pieces out of clip until you get to top of head.
Step 8 Spray with a texture wax or hairspray its all preference I like spray wax.
VIOLA! you are done.
Seriously I kid but its easy and if you have a 1 minute curling iron like me its fast. I got it for 20 bucks at Target and it has 25 heat settings. I do mine on 20 as its fast and doesn't burn.

For hair color well heeeee. Spend 15 years dying over your natural red hair... then have giant highlights done I have two shades of blonde honey and baby blonde put in and some dark lowlights then I let it go like 4 months because I like it best when its grown out. It is so much cheaper that way too because if you spend 200 bucks you want to get your moneys worth from it!

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