Friday, February 08, 2008

2.4.08 playing hooky

2.4.08 playing hooky
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Technically I am not playing hooky so much as I took a vacation day. Days like this I tend to be more adventurous in my clothing then I normally would be. I already and the crazy dresser at work. Its all polyester ill fitting suits at my work! heee 10 librarians in one office.

Turquoise T-shirt dress thingy with pockets and copper beads around the neck Target
Brown turtleneck with rouching at neck Target
Short pants (on anyone else I think they would be shorts. I am short so they become short pants) Ann Taylor Loft
Stripe sweater tights Target
Shoes gift from husband, they are from Sketchers store. I don't wear them often as I don't wear flats much but I adore the embroidered owl.
Opal necklace Xmas gift from my dad! He even knew it was my birthstone! hehe he is soo MANLY that its hilarious he bought it.
Sunglasses Versace

I am not a ponytail person but its my day off and I soooo wasn't into blowdrying. :D

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