Saturday, February 02, 2008


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I was out in the daytime with my husband who happened to have the fancy camera! woo hoo daylight!!
Sundress with mini jacket Marshalls
Black turtleneck H&M (yeah I wear them a lot)
Black Leggings Newport News
Boots Clarks
Necklace Claires

I usually save my favorite clothes for during the week because in the winter on weekends if I go out I have a coat on all day and why waste pretty clothes? But today I went and bought my new glasses!!!! So I wanted to dress how "normally would dress". Thanks for all you who helped! I should get them in about 2 weeks, my rx is a little complicated and had to be farmed out. I am such a impatient person!!! I hate waiting!

I admit that I picked this dress today because last time (which was first time) I wore it I honestly had people stopping me at work and Weight Watchers to say how they liked it. hehe Who wouldn't love that? But at the same time I never wore it again for fear they would say OHH that dress again! I totally work with people who notice and say those things! Thats what happens in an office of 10 women!

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