Friday, February 15, 2008


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Shirt with gold flecks all over it. Charlotte Russe (This shirt has all the things I like in a shirt. A v-neck, cause I look dreadful in a crew, princess sleeves, empire waist and belted.
Black turtleneck H&M
Wideleg sailor pants Old to the Navy They have a lovely sailor button placket.
Green patent maryjanes Charlotte Russe
Glasses Chanel

I took this premakeup and accessorizing. I added giant gold hoops and a goldnecklace with a large rectangular umber colored stone.

I got this shirt over Christmas break with a gift certificate for the local mall back home. My husband and I went the day after Christmas to use it because we were heading back home. It was insane lots of people buying and returning items. When I came out of the dressing room in this top (sans turtleneck) its a little on the low cut side but looked very nice if I do say so myself. Well I was walking out to find my husband and this woman probably about my mom's age said. "Ohhh thats ummm yeah, you should get that". My husband was behind her and he said "Yeah I agree". It was pretty hilarious.

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