Tuesday, January 08, 2008

ruhroh. 1.08.08

ruhroh. 1.08.08
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I went to American Apparel for the first time on Sunday. BIG MISTAKE.
I was in heaven.

Turtleneck dress American Apparel (its very very thick a little too cuddly. I want a nap)
White Tights Ganked from my Alice in Wonderland Costume
Grey Patterned Tights Target (got the layering from Jaana-Mari)
Necklace was my stepgrams from the 60's

I am a (para) Librarian and I got some looks walking in this morning. I am now wondering if it is too short.
I was goofing off and my photographer said "hold it right there" so hence the stuck in midair pose. :D

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