Tuesday, January 29, 2008

I am going to steal your wallet. 1.29.08

This picture really shows how long my fingers are. geesh!
I am on the short side and my features generally match but I have all my life had very long fingers and big hands.
My mom calls them piano fingers and dad called them pickpocket fingers. Is it bad I'd prefer if you thought I would steal your wallet?

Silver silk jacket Ann Taylor Loft (uh yeah its a trend this week they had 40% off all sale items this week. The prices were so low it was criminal)
Black turtleneck H&M
American Eagle Jeans (I will soon be the proud owner of 4 pairs of exactly the same pair of jeans!! They were 50% off this weekend so I ordered more!)
Isaac Mizrahi heels
Polkadot bangle H&M
Red hoops H&M
lipglass by Mac in red romp! ohh

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