Tuesday, January 29, 2008

hard to photograph 1.28.08

hard to photograph 1.28.08
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This outfit turned out impossible to photograph. I am a little disappointed, I was pretty excited about it but unless the sun comes out and I go outside for the minute its out then this is it I guess.
New fantastic skirt from Ann Taylor Loft with what I have deemed a mermaid pleat in the back. (scroll for crap detail) It does this go in and flap out thing that is what I couldn't photograph well. grumble...
Purple tshirt Merona Target
Super cuddly sweater Ann Taylor Loft
Grey tights and Black tights (layered for warmth) Target
Tweed heels with bows Charlotte Russe
Multistrand necklace Mark
Giant hoop earrings High Geat
New bangs from me. I cut them lat night :D
Edited to add... umm I guess that would be fennlgrl then. I loved her booty skirt. The falling out of the tree bit.. I don't think I did.... :(

Dear Hillary,
Here is your AstroSlam
for Monday, January 28:

Appreciate anything beautiful around you today and try to emulate it. It never hurts to aspire to be more attractive, especially when you're one of those who fell out of the ugly tree

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