Thursday, January 31, 2008

the faces I tell ya 1.31.08

the faces I tell ya 1.31.08
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Today when I got to work I realized it was my parents wedding anniversary, which made me think about how I was in Disney for the first time 22 years ago, which made me think of the Challenger which was 22 year ago. But I haven't heard it mentioned once this week on the news. That makes me sad. Maybe it means more to me because I was there and because Christa was a local teacher where I am from. I was also 7 and it was my first "JFK" type moment.
Sadly I have the Challenger, Columbine and 9/11 in my permanent memory.
I knew where I was for each. :(
Sorry for the bringdown but I don't think we should forget these things. They are important and the people should be remembered.

Indigo turtleneck H&M
Babydoll sweaterdress thingy Old Navy
Skinny jeans Target
Bow I was totally inspired by softspoken. I do don't rock as hard as she does! Scarf is from a pair of pants.
Cowboy boots....are they Michael Kors or Kenneth Cole? I lost the box and they don't say.
Cocktail ring made from shells and silver Bill &Bobs.
Earrings H&M

This sweater almost got chucked after two wearings.... I last wore in on a plane trip out to arizona and someone took a pic of me that was so horrific I almost burned my new sweater. But I am giving it a second chance and at the end of today its fate shall be decided.

Yeah this week I have had lots of strange faces. I think I am incapable of a normal pic this week. Its soo one of those weeks.

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