Wednesday, January 02, 2008

back to work and very sad abouts it!

My "photographer" said "try not smiling it looks too fake" so this is what came to mind. This is my "I am a poor girl in distress king kong is up those stairs AAAAAAH" look.

First post of the new year. Last Jan 1 I was 30lbs heavier and it was my resoultion to lose 30 lbs. Suprisingly I lost exactly that. I bought my first size 6 jeans over xmas! (was a 12 last new years)
So it feels nice to fulfilled a resolution. I have 108 for this year. (last I had 107 I am an uberlist member)

Turtleneck Target
Jacket Charlotte Russe (its navy with silver stripe stitching you soo can't see in this pic)
Wideleg trousers Old Navy
Patent mary janes Charlotte Russe
Earrings made by dad's girlfriend
rings Paloma Picasso and Frank Gehry present from husband :D (xmas)

earrings and rings
Photo 310.jpg
these shoes hard to see with giant pants leg
Last year this time...
pop's 80's birthday 075

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