Friday, January 25, 2008

1.23.08 cheer up buttercup :D

I didn't realize how pouty I looked until I got to work and uploaded my pics. At that point it was to late to redo. (this is what happens when I take my own photos)

I am having a very bad week and apparently I am not good at hiding it.
Dress Mark by Avon has a cute slouchy collar. Below detail
Black Leggins No idea where they are from (they are under the tights its my new stay warm trick)
Tights Dorothys (darn things ripped as I put them on. It's in an unseen spot so I nail polished it)
Boots Clarks
Bracelet and Earrings gift from Husband they are soo pretty they are hand made in Thailand and are these vibrant gorgeous stones. It has a great heft to it.

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