Tuesday, January 22, 2008


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Remixing from the inlaws
I think this is my first remix where I didn't take my glasses off. I am very self conscious about them. I never take pics with them on. I have a bum eye and one side is VERY thick. :(
It is COLD today. Bitter awful cold. Those are the new shoes I want to be wearing so I at least posed with them. :D
Empire waist cowl neck sweater Macys
Indigo Turtleneck H&M
Jeans American Eagle
Earrings HighGear
Bracelet Tiffany's
Clo.gs Bastads
Scarf HighGear
Heels Charlotte Russe 4 bucks!!!!!!
I know its not clothes but I love my new polish its "Catherine the grape" hee
Yes its almost the same clothes as yesterday. We did laundry this weekend. :D I'm almost 30 and I bring laundry home. If I don't my dad says, "no laundry? you sure??" as if he is sad.

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