Tuesday, January 22, 2008


Originally uploaded by miss matilda
Charcoal wide leg pinstrip pants Express
Troentorp steel and wood from Berks
Red ruffle shirt Express
Earrings Avon
Necklace and matching ring Frank Gehry for Tiffany's
Bracelet Tiffany's
Ring Paloma Picasso
Red lacquer wood bangle H&M (?)

Its hard to see the detail of the pants (at least on my monitor) but its a cute tiny stripes very close to one another.
When it gets cold I get pink and apparently all cheekbones. :D

I hadn't been to Express in years but Fennelgrl had some cute stuff from there in her stream so I thought I would give them another chance. They were having an insane sale and I got this outfit and another pair of dress pants all for like $50! (total that is)

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