Wednesday, January 16, 2008

1.16.08 need posing lessons :(

Between yesterdays pics and today I know I really need posing lessons. That and I tend to buy clothes that look better in person then on film. I am in a unique situation that I actually feel very cute in this and the pics not so much.

Hoodie dress American Apparel
Skinny Jeans Xhiliration Target
Boots Clarks
Giant gold hoops from me mum

I am not a sweatshirt girl, I don't wear them and I shy away from them like they are contagious. Yet I LOVE anything with a hood. I love a boy in a zipfront hoodie sweatshirt. I saw this though and everything went out the window. Its the most cuddly cute thing. If it wasn't so darn cold I would wear it with leggins.

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Anonymous said...

I think it's pretty cute, too. I need posing help, too. I always stick with the same pose b/c it makes me look okay.

Leah (Halfway Hip on Flickr)