Wednesday, January 16, 2008

1.12.08 ouch. :(

1.12.08 ouch. :(
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I need to take a better picture of my shirt its pretty awesomely hilarious.

Shirt by Christina DeFalco a local designer its Audrey Hepburn at Fenway park with rhinestones its a nice long length and its very very soft.
Short pants Ann Taylor
Boots Clarks
Leggins Newport News
RX Sunglasses Coach
Bag Cole Haan
Earrings Avon

I was pretty casual today being as my face is still swollen from being beaten up by the Endontis yesterday. :( I had half root canal. They only did half because the doctor said "I think its too much to do to you all at once!" I almost kicked him. No really I almost did. Anyone who ever said it was no big deal, they lied to you. My jaw is bruised and I can only chew on half my mouth. :(...

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