Tuesday, January 08, 2008


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Headband Target
Earrings big gold hoops "handed down" from mom
Necklace Gram and Pop with baby ring attached (not sure who got that for me I was a baby after all. :P )
Dress with pockets and beading detail Target (see below)
Turtleneck H&M
SKINNY Jeans Target
Shoes Target

So a year ago I said "skinny jeans gag!"
This year "hrmmm wonder how many pairs I need to get me thru til summer"

I am not one to wear yellow gold either. With red hair and freckles it does evil things to me at times. But the beading on the dress is goldish and I think that it all complimented each other nicely for once. I should send a pic to gram and pop who say "you never wear any of the jewelry we gave you" (if they had given white or silver then it never would of been an issue)

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