Monday, December 17, 2007

playful? ermm maybe

playful? ermm maybe
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So the theme we voted on for today was playful. I had an outfit picked out.... then I woke up and it was 6 degrees. Yes 6!!!

So this was a last minute substitution, and for my conservative library its as playful as they have ever seen. (but not as much as I would personally like)

Shirt got at a strange urban clothing store that will graffiti anything. I was feeling vain so I got something.
Black turtleneck Merona Target
Wideleg dress pants Old Navy
Leggins Xhiliration Target (its that cold!)
Patent Danskos Nahas in Boston
Velvet blazer Gap
Giant earrings present to myself this weekend from High Gear.

I admit after uploading this I changed my pants I wasn't feeling it so now I have on 70's hiphugger jeans.

I feel the need to explain the shirt. Apparently in the late 70's when I was born Hillary (with 2 L's or even 1) was not a popular name and my mom never found anything with it. You know like barrettes or pins or any other fun novelty they put names on. So now I seek out thing with my name and sometimes I make them. It's a good name it should be out there more... well at least in my humble opinion.

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