Friday, December 28, 2007

If its isn't broke...

thank you santa
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I have had issues for YEARS with shoes. Either I used to wear my shoes too big or I lost a size and a half in my feet. All my 8.5 are giant on my now 7 size feet. Everything hurts too, that was until I discovered Clarks and Danskos. So I have pretty much decided that those are the only ones I am going to buy (except for a few cheapy heels!).

I got these at Clarks in burgundy at the after xmas sale with some santa loot. Oh god they are GORGEOUS!! I can't get over what a catch they are. They are everything my dream boots would be

short heel so as not to make me look squat
buckle detailing
burgundy (here is a tip they go with brown OR black!)

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