Wednesday, November 14, 2007

uberlist updateage

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Technically I can't check off a lot of them because there were do ___ more. So I need to wait to jan 1 to see if I truly did it more.

DONE_read 15 books and keep tracking
freedom trail
DONE_get back lifetime at WW
blog regularly
DONE-drink water regularly
flip bedroom back to the way i like it
DONE_dont let anyone cut my bangs
inprocess _grow my hair out
DONE_donate clothes that dont fit
go ice skating
DONE_finish harry potter books
DONE_replace shower curtain
DONEish_talk to a mortgage person
finish buffy series
make daisy boo a knitted or crocheted toy
send thank you notes when necessary
visit gram and pop more
visit dad more
finish one complete EIM project
finish daves painting
summer movies at the commons
bring lunches to work
bake at least once a month
work on learning to drive
clean bedroom (you know what to do)
sew myself at least one clothing item
put halloween tree up
renew passport
play with daisy boo more
DONE_start on christmas presents in oct/nov
DONE_organize photos when i take them
make lunch for dave
put wedding video on dvd
plan when going to paris (if not this year)
read something considered a classic
keep my nails nice
walk more often on my breaks
help dave with time management
like me more
play more games
see E more
see G more
learn to cable knit
floss more
wash my face at night (iknow i know)
wear more of my jewelry not same one thing
put up a small e store
gluten free cannoli
just say no to dairy
wedding album
frame some of my art
DONE_teach daisyboo another trick
help dave find a hobby
fill my rx before they run out
DONE_learn to do the eye wing
red lipstick (screw what people think)
write gram letters more
bring snacks for dave when we go out
finally go peeping with dave
get rid of magazines when done reading
HALF DONE!!!! _knit a pair of socks
healthy villi
DONE_transfer money every two weeks (every week!)
get a couch
go bowling (does skeeball count?)
eat dinner at dining room table
work on selling $500 mar
DONE_get dave that damn wii
subscribe to instyle
DONE_spa with helen ?
birth certificate (you know what)
set up silkscreens and do it
SO DONE_stop putting up with &*$#^&#)&*'s shit
practice sign language so i dont lose it
DONE_go to at least one concert
DONE_got to the zoo
make hair appointments with dave
be a tourist in boston
DONE_go back to woodmans
keep gluten free food stocked
trip with free plane ticket
DONE_wear more dresses
make dave those shirts
learn to love myself
DONE_keep up with tracking points
put clothes away when clean
keep track of migraines
keep up with date night
tape programs for weekends
stand up for myself with people i know. got it down with strangers
dont complain too much , or just do it at home
send presents before peoples birthdays
dont buy frivilous items
work on history knowledge
wear something other than danskos
craft more
try a few more new foods
go swimming
go to the white mountains
fix peacoat
work on my posture
return library books when due
DONE_make a friend
look for gloria again
DONE_take a fun class (tap)

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