Friday, October 19, 2007

make new friends

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so I got this as my horoscope today.
Dear hillary,
Here is your horoscope
for Friday, October 19:

Your social energy is just about perfect right now -- and for you, that means quite a lot! It's a great time to reconcile with those who've wronged you, or maybe to forge newer and stronger connections.

So it got me thinking maybe I should reach out and talk to someone I only recently lost contact with. I am always the reacher and I thought on it long and hard. Then I got a voice mail and the kind voicemail robot reminded me I had too many and should delete some... So I listened and kept some and deleted some then there was the ONE. The bizarre hostile voicemail that had put the whole distance into motion. Then I reliazed that for once in my life I was not going to be the one to make the move. I was not going to be the "bigger" person. (who says your the bigger person if you talk first? I don't) I stand by my feelings and am instead going to try and move forward and not back. Make new true friends cause were the old ones every really my friend?? No I don't think they were. :D

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