Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Celiac fun

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So as some of you know this summer I worked on producing a DVD. Well the DVD's came back last week and its all offical!

Cooking Gluten Free

I am heading off to Arizona and we are going to present it to the CSA conference. We are going to be one of the vendors. SO if you happen to be in Tucson this weekend come on by!!

This photo is actually me waiting for the plane when we went to the 2005 CSA conference in DC.

I am taking Jenny McCarthy's new book with me. If you haven't heard of you run don't walk to your local bookseller. (amazon is too slow you must go now)
Its about her autistic son and how he improved on a gluten free diet!!

Intolerance to gluten is way more prevelant that doctors are ready to admit. I myself have had the genetic test, the blood test and the biopsies and it is 100% that I do not have celiac, but that doesn't mean my mom or dad or family doesn't.

take care all!

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