Tuesday, May 15, 2007

It is so a sign.

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So my week has been interesting. In that not bad sort of way for once.

This weekend I realized since my birthday I have lost 27lbs. I don't feel like I look that different. I feel like I should look like a new person or something.

I won a little award in WW. I got a gold runnign shoes charm. For going the extra mile so to speak. hee. I walked home the day before and I told them how it was 4 miles and I hadn't done it before and it was nice. The leader asked if she could share my story with others.

All that inspired me to walk home again yesterday. I had way too many bags though and my back and arms were killing me once I got home. I hurt today too. I feel like I worked out.

My cat did not get me anything for mother's day. I must say I am disappointed. Not even a dead bug.

One of my customers screwed me out of 27 from my own pocket!!! They said they wanted something. I ordered it and then they tell me AFTER I placed the order and payed that they didn't want it. Well guess who had to pay for it. Jerk. Cash up front from them from now on.

So I watched a what not to wear marathon this weekend and am in constant questioning of my clothes the past 2 days! I think I am pretty fashionable but I do A TON of the things they said not too. I think I am in permanat denial I am actually 28.

So today while not looking for anything just browsing shoes in particular, I came across these! They are called Naughty Monkey, Hillary. if that is not a sign I don't know what is.

Next week I am seeing Gweny on Wednesday.

Then that thursday is my first tap class! gah I am so excited!

But the question is what do I wear????

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