Thursday, April 05, 2007

good riddance

You know how you have that one friend (i use the term loosely) and they just can't ever be happy for you. And when ever you talk to them its always about them. And whenever anything good happens to you they always have a smarmy little comment they think is so damn witty but in reality shows how fucking jealous of you they are. Well I am officially done with this person. I am sick and tired of their petty bullshit. I should of stopped talking to them the day they called me fat. Who says that to a friend????? Especially when they weigh more than you. Denial isn't a good color on you sweetheart. And being the disgustingly nice person I am I put up with it and even offer to help them on their quest. Well I am done. Life is short and your a bitch. Well your a bitch to me and that's all that matters to me.

Sound harsh? Oh well I am sick and tired of people like this. I am sick of giving literally and figuratively and getting nothing in return.

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