Monday, March 05, 2007


wild and crazy
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Ok so I know I have weird dreams. When I tell people what I dream they think I am nuts sometimes. I think its my over active imagination. Anyways last night I had a couple different ones.

One was my brother apologized for being so awful to me growing up and that he was sorry he ignored all my emails trying to get together with him. And then we went on a road trip, to where I am not sure and he was wear a buttercup yellow shirt. Well this is definetly a dream cause last I checked hell was still pretty hot and not in the least bit cold.

My other dream is that I was in a basement with Steve Martin and he comes up to me and says that someone called him palatable and did I knew what that was. I told him I think it means tolerable but wasn't positive. He was very upset and sat down and I was trying to reassure him.

Ok I didn't even know I knew the word palatable. I guess I learned something new about myself.

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