Wednesday, January 03, 2007

uberlist 2007 in the works

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So while I haven't finished my 2007 uberlist. 2 of the items are blog more and work on my art more. I have a dern degree in it and I haven't done much in the past five years since graduating. I have no excuse now that I have my itty bitty tiny new camera that fits in my purse. I can video on the go!!! I feel strange owning so many video cameras but I never took my big one with me. This one is just a little fun one to play with anyways. :P

My friend Kendra's movie came out recently and while I am SOOO proud of her I am also privately (and now not so privately a wee bit jealous eek!) But enough of that she is a killer cool kid and her and her husband made it together and I need to buy myself a copy come pay day! Go check it out and support her!

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