Monday, December 04, 2006



A wii I know they are sold out but dave wants one like hes that kids in The Christmas Story with a BB Gun. But I only fear he will take the tv or the cat out.
Rayman Raving Rabbids
an extra controler
some Wii points.

I ended up getting the bag for my anniversay!!!!!

This THIS SHIRT!!!! size large black!!!!!
this sweater in brown size small. (their stuff tends to run big)
this sweater in cream or sable size small.
these clogs in size 38 in black or oxblood (sometimes called black cherry?) they are sold a few places. I personally have never bought them from this place.
this fleece in black size small.
this sweater in blue quartz? (would that look good on me? I have green eyes after all) size small.


One-Skein Wonders by Judith Durant
Naughty Needles by Nikol Lohr
or any really cool crochet books....

I don't need any crochet hooks, someday I will replace all mine with ergonomic ones but for now I don't need any....


For knitting needles in the next few days I am going to post an inventory of what I do have. I have a lot less then I thought and the cat is slowly gnawing on them. I try and stop her but she is a cat and has her own mind.

Gift Certificates
to knitting shops online or local... I am becoming allergic to many wools, which makes it hard as I am becoming more and more obsessed with knitting and crocheting. It doesn't bother me much as I am doing it but when I wear it, I get horrific rashes :(


Catnip toys for Miss DaisyBoo

Kitten Condo for miss boo

Kitten for boo

Donations towards my trip to Paris.
This action figure
any of the Philosophy boywash 3 in 1's

I have been asked which books I DO own already

Stitch and bitch
Stitch and bitch nation
Stitch and bitch the happy hooker
Last minute knitted gifts (its a lie)
One Skein
World of Knitted Toys
Knitting without tears
Vogue ultimate knitting guide (neat book out all kinds of stitches)
Cozy crochet (icky not worth it)

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