Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Weight Watchers

I am a proud Lifetime member of Weight Watchers. What I am not proud of is that I fell of the wagon. But I am proud that about two weeks ago I rejoined and last week I had my first WI (weigh in, in WW land) and I lost 3.5 lbs!!!! woohoo! But I keep coming in under points this week (not eating enough in the day) and I was talking to people on the boards and I think my problem is that before I wasn't eating enough and that was why I wasn't losing enough. I was losing tiny little amounts at the end. I eat like a bird is my problem. I think my cat eats more then I do. And I was reading up on it and I guess by doing that I was slowing my metabolism down further. I gained the weight in the first place because of a med a few years back that went all wacky with my metabolism. I am not hungry is the thing. I think I need to make sure I have more meals is the thing. This week I am forcing myself to eat more. Oh and of course more water but that will always be a thing with everyone I think.

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