Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Uberlist 2006

So for the past 3 or 4 years I have been a part of this community where I make a list of things I want to do in the year and each year it reflects that year...

GRAND TOTAL DONE 49 unless I can't count which is possible I have a fever today of 101.
I still need to work on the list for 2007. I should be done by the end of the week.

I can't figure out how to cross them out so red is done.

this year the list appears superficial but I feel I need to do more for me. love me, hell like me.

1. lose 30 lbs (I lost 20!!!!!)
2.take up yoga
3. decide finally about grad school
4. deal with the loan
5. talk to mortgage people about what we qualify for
Working on it......
7.make a complete finished piece (EIM)
8.write to myself more often ongoing thing
9.drink more water
10. get a house before lease is up in September with the ancient car (fix, ,get new? it is 17yrs old) dave welded it on his own I was so proud!!!
12.make the dress dave said hed help with
13.make that blouse
14.go back to ww (I did 20 lbs and counting!)
15.take a class (took sign language)
16.actually do something for Halloween Halloween day I was home sick but I dressed up for a work party the day before
17.go to the beach and touch the water (went with erica)
18.knit a sweater for myself
19.make a warm and cute hat(why the combo alludes me i dont know)
20.finish a pair of socks
22.find Gloria technically I found her and emailed her but the email doesn't work. I am seriously considering paying one of those things to "find her" I miss her so!
23. bring those clothes to goodwill
24.wear heels
25.bring lunch to work ongoing thing not an everyday thing but I NEVER used to
26.wear my contacts
27.learn to do the eye wing
28.clean up harddrive (cleaned the dell next year is the mac oh what a mess that is)
29.take dave to Canada
30.keep my nails nice
31.put back up my website
32.get my stuff in another consignment store
33.finish harry potter
34.finish buffy
35.intarsia (learn it)
36.swim in a lake
37.learn to drive with yarn stash
39.make a knitting project file
40.make a gluten free lasagna
41.teach daisy boo a trick (she knows how to say HAM I need to get it on video!) with film
43.make a candle
44.make a $500 goal with MARK night on Thursdays
46.create something (invent, create a new way to do it or something like that)
47.seamed tights bought now just need to wear
48.get the Frye boots consider done because decided that they aren't comfortable and got different ones instead
49.make that bracelet (what bracelet was I talking about?) a classic novel not just trash like you have been (im going to count the curious incedent of the dog in the night time)
51.scoot to work did it once it was awful
52.keep eyebrows pretty (people notice when you do)
53.join and attend healthy villi meetings
54.become a trivial pursuit champ
55.learn to cable knit
56.put money into ING every 2 weeks
58.fix peacoat
59.make lunch for davey on school days
60.trip scrapbooks/shadowbox davey find a hobby
62.create a signature dish
63.organize photos (I organized all the digital photos all 1,800 of them now to do the paper ones!)
64. make daisy boo a catnip toy
65.get a computer desk
66.make bedroom livable I did twice now its back to the way it was!!!!!
67.WEDDING ALBUM!!!! geesh its been 3 years
69.finish daves painting
70. go thru our stuff in sanders basement
71. read 10 books completely i am over 13 at this point
72.send cards and presents on time in a job i enjoy that painting for dad
IMPOSSIBLE-baby is born75. knit something for Erica's baby before its born! more confident/ like yourself I actually do right now...shhh don't tell Hillary
77.hang out with dad more skating the newspaper i tried i hate it
IMPOSSIBLE- HE HAS NO TIME 80.let davey see star wars 2 and 3
81.get a versitle purse dave got me one he picked and bought it and i adore it
82.send pattern to gramy beany I sm gonna consider this one done because she isn't ever going to do it even if I did send it. so its a null thing.
83.learn to format things in word
84.develop a personal style
85.get a new flat iron games once a week dinner at table
88.floss every 6 months
90.give up dairy you know better
91.go bowling
92.renew passport
93.summer movies at commons
94.freedom trail
95.subscribe to instyle(stop buying it at newstands)
96.make a friend
98.replace that fiona cd
99.get davey healthy shhh dont jinx it
100 confidential
101.get mom to visit again I went but she said next year its sooo her here!
102.cut back on mcdonalds french fries
103.clean out kitchen (i pitched a ton of stuff and i am counting that!!!) it needs to be done again sometime soon its an ongoing battle)
104.go to BPL I swear I went. Its only took 4 years!
105.complete this list history knowledge

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kendra said...

what a list! You could always get audio books for Harry Potter (you DO work in a library...) that's what I did, I just listed to them on my commutes to work and I was finished in no time!

and I wish I lived near you so you could teach me all your knitting madness. I can still only make a scarf. I've made too many scarves so now I'm too lazy to do it anymore cuz I can't make anything cool. oh poor poor me!