Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Do blondes have more fun?

So I have been going blonder and blonder for 6ish months now and have loved it all along.... Then the other day I saw a girl with the brown hair I always wanted. The perfect chocolate color, without a hint of red to it. Oh how I want dark down hair with out red. So as the roots grown in and I com template my what to do next what do you think out there? Whoever is reading this? Keep going lighter or screw it all and go dark brown? Because its one extreme or another with me... there is no middle ground.

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dave said...

while i really like the multi-tone blonde/brown my vote is for a multi-tone browns and reds. deep mahogany, chocolate cherry, natural browns, etc. i think it would look nice and be appropriate with winter coming. (in my head i equate blond highlights with summer or florida.