Monday, September 11, 2006

September 11th.

A very dear person to me said this morning "September 11th is the JFK of our generation, I don't think anyone will ever forget what they were doing when they first heard what was happening". I was in the darkroom at school and our teacher was about to start class and we had the doors open waiting for the stragglers to come in so we could shut the door. So this guy walks in and said that there were some plane crashes into New York city and that it went into a building. My teacher said we should all go out into the hall so see if anyone knew what was going on. The dean was pushing a TV into the hallway and people were already gathering around. I called Emily on my cellphone to see if she was ok. She was my best friend of 16 years at the time. While she was safe she was changed on that day and unfortunately we lost touch soon after that day. While I was fortunate that all my loved ones were safe I still feel such empathy for the people who did lose their loved ones. My heart goes out to them all.

While I will not get into my political beliefs, you don't have to believe in war to support our troops who are trying to protect our freedom. To them I say thank you and I love each and everyone of you. While my Goobie (my cousin Tyler) was over there I held my breathe each time I heard a news story about another solider getting hurt or killed. Tyler is home safe, but I wish for a safe and speedy return to all out troops.

To all the police, firefighters and soldiers, Thank You and I love you for everything you did on that day 5 years ago.
Love, Hillary

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Anonymous said...

I was driving to school and they announced on the radio that a crop-duster had crashed next to central park while trying to land. While I thought this was weird it didn't have much of an affect on me. After class had started little by little bits and pieces of information were disseminated throughout the class. We sat and watched a television we stole from the Direcors office trying to make sense of it all. Bewilderment led to disbelief led to horror led to numbness. We watched together not speaking, occasionally casting glances at one another looking for comfort or an explantion or something I can't even put words to. We lingered not wanting to blink, nevermind leave, for fear we would miss some vital information that would make sense of it all. At some point there was an announcement made that the school was closing and we had to leave. I went home and Peter Jennings became my medium. Steadfast and dependable he sat and talked with us for hours. I made the mistake once of thinking that my generation needed some sort of tragedy to bind us together and make us more united. Of course, people were kinder for a while, and it was beautiful (the result not the event). Yet time passed and people forgot and we are once again a nation united alone. While I held the door today for a woman with a stroller a 30-something woman fresh out of work blurted "fucking rediculous" as she shoved the stroller to pass by. Didn't anyone pay attention?